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Geologic map of the Monterey Quadrangle

Geologic map of the Monterey 30'x60' Quadrangle and adjacent areas, California

California Geological Survey, Regional Geologic Map No. 1, 1:100,000 scale

Compiled by: David L. Wagner, H. Gary Greene, George J. Saucedo and Cynthia L. Pridmore


Digitized by: Sarah E. Watkins, Jason D. Little, and Joseph J. Bizzarro

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Artificial fill 

Eolian sand 
Stream gravel
Dune sand
Flood plain deposits
Canyon Fill (offshore)
Basin deposits
Patterson Alluvium
Older alluvium
Terrace deposits
Marine terrace deposits
Alluvial fan deposits
Fan deposits of Antioch
Fan deposits of Chualar
Fan deposits of Placentia
Fan deposits of Gloria
Aromas Sand (undivided)
Aromas Sand Eolian facies
Aromas Sand Fluvial facies
Landslide deposits
Older Dune Sand
Terrace deposits of Watsonville terrace
Marine sediments
Older canyon fill (offshore)
Relict beach deposits (offshore)
Submarine canyon terrace
San Luis Alluvium
Los Banos Alluvium
Plio-Pleistocene continental desposits
Unnamed Pliocene continental mudstone
Purisima Formation
Plio-Pleistocene fluvial deposits
Unnamed Pliocene Continental sandstone
Pancho Rico Formation
Plio-Pleistocene lacustrine deposits
Pliocene Basaltic rocks (Coyote Volcanics)
Etchegoin Formation
Santa Cruz Mudstone
Santa Margarita Sandstone (Mv-Basalt interbed)
Monterey Formation
Lompico Sandstone
Unnamed Miocene Sandstone
Unnamed Miocene volcanic rocks
Unnamed Miocene sedimentary rocks
Organic mudstone
Lone Tree Formation
Undifferentiated volcanic rocks
Mvqa - Andesitic flows and breccia
Miqa - Intrusive andesite
Mvqb - Basaltic flows and breccia
Miqb - Intrusive basalt
Mvqd - Dacite flows
Miqd - Intrusive dacite
Mvqr - Rhyolite flows
Miqr - Intrusive rhyolitic rocks
Tertiary volcanic rocks
Tva - Andesite
Tvb - Basalt
Red beds
Vaqueros Sandstone
Pinnacles volcanic formation
Carmeloite of Lawson
San Juan Bautista Formation
Unnamed Eocene sedimentary rocks
Carmelo Formation
Los Muertos Formation
Tres Pinos Sandstone
Arkosic sandstone
Paleocene-Eocene sedimentary rock
Kreyenhagan Formation
Domengine Sandstone
Cantua Sandstone
Tertiary-Cretaceous sedimentary rock
Upper Cretaceous sedimentary rock
Panoche Formation
Granitic rocks
Quartz monzonite
Quartz diorite
Franciscan Complex undifferentiated
Franciscan Complex  Conglomerate
Franciscan Complex  Sandstone
Franciscan Complex Chert
Franciscan Complex Greenstone
Franciscan Complex or Coast Range Ophiolite serpentinized  ultramafic rock
Franciscan Complex Blueschist and semischist
Franciscan Complex Limestone
Franciscan Complex Gabbro
Jurassic-Cretaceous sedimentary rocks
Coast Range Ophiolite Breccia
Coast Range Ophiolite Volcanic rocks (greenstone)
Coast Range Ophiolite Gabbro
Hornblende gabbro of Logan quarry
Prebatholithic metasedimentary rocks Pzls - Carbonate rocks
Schist of Sierra de Salinas
Thrust fault
Anticlinal fold
Synclinal fold
Strike and dip of stratified rocks
Vertical beds
Overturned beds
Horizontal beds
Strike and dip of foliations
Arrows on landslides indicate direction of movement

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